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Procush Junior Whip 22" with Name & Symbol



A wide choice of symbols that kids will love are available, from a horses head to a skull and crossbones and everything in between, a wide choice offers a bit of individuality to your purchase.

Please speak to us if you would like to have your whip with a custom logo.

The Procush Junior is a shorter whip specially designed for younger riders or riders who prefer a bat type whip.

The whip measures 22 inches with an 8 inch padded shock-absorbing end. This whip is therefore lighter and easier for children to carry than the other Procush variations.

The special handle creates a secure comfortable grip for the rider.

The stem comes in a huge range of colours, to suit your individual/team colour schemes

These Procush whips are patented

UK Pat no. GB2438738.
US Pat no. US7,721,944B2.

Butterfly, Hearts, Horses, Horseshoe, Paws, Shamrock, Skull & Crossbone


All colour combinations are available so if you are unable to make your choice, please email us.

Please add;

The Name on the whip

Thread colour

Flag Choice or symbol .......when going through check out, write in the order preference box or email your Choices to Uptown Eventing at




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